About LaughingLee!

LaughingLee offers a variety of gifts like vinyl decorated and personalized tumblers, travel mugs, sport bottles, water bottles, wine glasses, cutting boards, coasters etc.  We have a plethora of designs, but we also do custom work at extremely reasonable prices.  Please contact Lee if you are looking for something specific that you do not see on our site.   We are here for your gift giving needs (even if the gift is for yourself). 

Our owner and creator, Lee has been crafting since her teens which was a LONG time ago.  She is happiest when she is covered in vinyl, vinyl goo, paint, pencil lead, glitter, glue (except hot glue because that just hurts), yarn, thread or anything else that has to do with arts and crafts.  When she discovered she could create unique designs out of vinyl, she was thrilled, and LaughingLee was born. 

As for our name, anybody who spends more than a minute or two with Lee, will notice that she is always happy and laughing.  Her laugh is infectious too, so it was only natural that the company name would be happy.  After a lot of thinking and laughing, we decided on the play of Laughingly and went with LaughingLee. 

Here at LaughingLee, we strive to always have fun  and make the buying process a happy experience.  We make every effort to make it right, exceed your expectations, and keep you laughing and happy.  Although we take your purchases and requests seriously, we aren't talking about neurosurgery, so Lee believes in having fun.  You can easily see her life philosophy reflected in her designs which are colorful, happy and fun. 

It is our sincerest hope that our products as well as our website bring  a smile to your face.  Keep Laughing!!!!